I am bored of lsd

I could clean up and get someone

But males are so horny

Like me too, but its a different kind

I need someone in the area tho

Yeah and theres the issue, i am in the middle of nowhere

Ah we ll see

I will define a clean level i can be comfy in and then just be high and keep that up next month

Bc like things have a sense of sliding when u high

Like the lights should help me orientiert based on daytime

Like i am not doing Spot thats a big issue, bc its so cold outside rn, like it snowing again

So this week my sleep rythm should stabalize bc of the lights

Like today is odd, but it will get there

And with that stable i can actually plan activities

Like i can put blocks in for like project management etc

Now i have something to Orient it by

Like those lights are quite useful to me

Like u use sheer will, i use fairy lights

I am good with that

Like from there, add bookkeeping

And the axis of sleep and money should be looking gloomy

From there we can proceed to higher things






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