Okai so

I got a package

Will mount that another day, came with mounting stuff^~^

Mask& sleepwear

I need a bigger tv~

Remote works

I cant read the Browser bar from that distance ~

, or a smaller room/distance to the wall

Also did not include rechargeable batteries, which is odd, but makes sense due to shipping regulations

Like they ship me explosiv chemicals, but with batteries they careful, seems valid, i believe that without issue

For some reason its not playing 9 anime rn, but only that, yt works, i watched conan before, it worked, but now it doesnt for some reason, probably some video driver, maybe update Firefox

Like ill install home assistant on a vm untill i get to making custom scripts as a placeholder, so i can set light timers ans voice commands

But first i gotta install a vm on void linux to run home assistant, and then troubleshoot~

I could have just used pop os^^

But like its basically a media server, its fine with a window manager, YouTube works fine

Btw it has a mousepad

But like my tv beeing too small is a luxury issue, in definition

Like its cool, bc i can alt number on my remote, and it puts it into a new window

So i can switch workspaces with alt num

Like 1 is media, 2 is coding, 3 is home assistant, etc, i like that

Curious about the toilet thing^~^

So, rest is:

The i should have everything major together

Like those pianos so expensive ~

I will see if i can get a used one cheaper somewhere ~






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