Things are generally boring

Like ppl always expect something interesting to happen arround me

Like not really

I just randomly go, you there, make me app

Like thats the big business plan of someone of how they get rich!

But like its the 10th odd thing i do

Like things usually don’t get more interesting than watching something and smoking weed, with anything

Like if we get the ideology out for every single thing, like ill never get anywhere

Like sometimes thats the point, but still

Like after something is rolling it usually does not take that much energy to keep rolling, but getting it rolling

So like make weed legal

Like when i get into the weed phase again, i will have to get into playing games again

Like after i move i have great internet ^~^

Like everything fucking x gb updates these days~

Like if i can get me throwing money at someone to count as making money via ads

Like that still valid and rest of the time i go play games






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