I am thinking

What do i do with that

Thing is, its by level

What do i do with a game with 1 level?

Like he not including source bc ppl will just make more levels

And that’s probably exactly what I’ll do but i am gonna be nice about it bc i have skill

if i am doing anything, its writing a level generator, i think unity is c++

Like i have written it to write it, but never had a actual usecase for it~

I am not manually making levels~

I am sure he interested in that, but u cant tell them that, bc if i am lazy ill never do it

A Level generator is probably quite useful for them,

I’ll let them make one, and if i make a generator i share it with them

Like i need to tell them to add a level screen, bc why would you need a level choice screen with 1 level, but like i wanna experiment with generation

Like i will probably come back for more games, but like not by level~

Same conditions as with the other game,






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