Like i have more money, than 5, but you not getting it

Like u put the add out for 5, u just stupid about it

Like thats better

Like if you put a low amount to get some business, dont be a bich, bc my general offer is good, like price is negotiable

Like that guy is happy and not just looking at the numbers, has long term business now

Like its code, ppl will come back to change things and bug fixes

Like that person gets, i throw money you make

Like fiverr is a bich about this stuff

Like they deduct stuff just if you dont reply from your score

My dude now got the 2nd cancelation request now and i will be a bratty bich contacting customer support till i get my random 5, just bc principles

And bc i am chilling on my own website, now all you ppl know, who does good work of these 2 and who doesn’t

Like i cut out your seller name before, bc i am not that mean, but you annoying me, so i am too lazy ๐Ÿ™‚

Like yes i am mad much mad and you provoking mad ppl, thats bad karma

Like i am happy ^~^ i got someone to throw random money at

And that guy is getting paid to make random games

Like i drop by each month or half month and order a game

Like i may be able to show him how to make easy story games and get something with a episode each month too, but then i also need a artist

Like that should be another easy skill for him to sell and make money

Like i am sitting on all the good skills and tools, i am just lazy

So like if he shows interest i may be able to pay him for that too on occasion

Like if i can get the ppl who want to work for a price i can pay

Like throw them some money and let them make whatever makes them happy

Like self organizing things are the best structures, like bc they self organizing

Like nah all that management stuff is just to make you feel good and like u in control

Ppl will organize and do something on their own






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