So at work today, like i was offering ppl free trips

Like yeah i ask ppl all day if they wanna go on a free trip, but like u need to be below 25 and female, the old male ppl are full

However, guy asked me if i had nothing better to do, like if i couldn’t do something with my hands

Anyone remember that bavarian guy?

However, not something i hear often as a argument to girls

Like i am quite happy to be in the place i am

Like i could argue that, but the simplicity of the worldview makes me claustrophobic

Like u force me to get up, the first thing i do is make your life hell bc you made me get up

Like noo, i already got up lets go threw everything you were putting off, no hiding behind age now

Like ppl will cry at you to move but them get all scared when you actually pull foreward

Like i am so happy ppl dont bring it up as a girl ^~^

Like dont try to justify your life choices by talking me into the same stuff someone talked you into like it got you something promised in a inflationary economy

Like no i don’t respect you

Why would i do that, thats not how respect works, if ppl could just appeal to authority claim that, then the category would loose its value

Dont pretend to me you know, get lost

Like me not beeing so unbalanced is also ppl just not expecting stupid male stuff from me~

Like a lot is hormones, but that too

Like ppl try to do that too, like look girls can also be strong and move things

Like noooo, get away with that rethoric or i am getting my shovel

I am in the 1% of the world population, i pay extra to have the tv mounted, else i just do it

Like the world population just a lot of ppl, like india is so many ppl, like u get the point

But like we have faught so hard for that progress, shame if we dont use it

I am in a high tech democracy high in a diaper, in one of the safest countries on this planet

Ill go hunt animals with my teeth if i have to, but i bet you will starve bc of your morals, lucky it will probably never happen for both of us

Like i mention it, bc its one of the things you would do with shamanic kids, at some point they would just go to the forest kill animals with their teeth and later come back

Like ppl had civilizations, they just liked killing stuff with their teeth

However, I’ll take some hormones now and come down a bit ^~^

Like the ppl saying that always the ppl who chicken out if you go in, like always~

Like i can sit in a diaper and shoot you

Like that not a real one, its one of the blank ones, and its not mine

I just saw it laying around and took a pic for a Album cover or something, idk

Like posing with guns is cringe if it’s not a big one, like look what i shot, can you believe the pushback it has

So i was not sure what to do with the image till now

Like finally a oppertunity to post it^~^

Like you would assume one would post what they shot with it, instead of the gun itself, if its not some cool custom rainbow dash design ~

But like point stands, you can do the most manly man stuff, in pink ballet pants

Its unlikely, but living is odd and i am bored

Like i got told real bullets dont fit those

And thats not a loss

I need to go drink with the police person again before i move, they told me that

Like they chill

However i go sleep now, nini






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