I should have worked the money i need for moving

Like its not payed, but i theoretically have worked the amount and it will come time delayed

Like there shouldnt be a need for such things as working 5hourday weeks as this one

As i am just getting money for normal living and moving is basically put back

Then i have my responsibilities done

I have what i need to progress then

So this cycle there will be another budgeted one

But that after that, is still budgeted, but i can get some weed and chill

Like i started with 3 h shifts 4 days a week, rn i am doing, without this weeks exeption, 4h shifts 5 days a week

Like i have some wiggle room

I will probably keep the shifts up for paying for weed, but i will not balance out things like this week

So like i smoke weed, clean up here, get everything sorted, make sure i have everything, and then go look for a apartment, which also takes a bit

Like it will definitely mix, but generally, i have like 4 workdays and i am good^~^

I have completely run a business into the ground and recovered

I wouldn’t do it again, but it was certainly a interesting experience to make ^~^

Such a peculiar life this is






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