Okai, so i have rearranged

I put the calendar and looking for higher paying jobs on pause

Like i looked at jobs and wasn’t interested in 90%

Like i am looking for quite rare conditions

Remote, part time, open sceduling, not customer facing etc, that eliminates 98% of jobs out there, especially higher paying

I wrote the person about the car, sending images, but if they dont want it ill probably just trash it at some point

Like I’ll try to sell it, but like if i move and its in the way, like ill just take it and throw it

Tomorrow i need to like put a alarm, wake up, call the doc, and then go back to sleep

Bc i wake up before works, so after usual business hours~

Like they need to refer me, to the ear doc ~

Actually, i put the normal doc on pause and ear on in progress, in the planning

So like for now, i clean piles and get that doc appointment

Car person gets back to me or not

I also got some packages ^~^

So i will have something to do today too^~^






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