Okai, so heres the update

I am definitely more puffy but not visible

Like shaving is easyer on my feet for instance bc fat is distributed more evenly

Like i notice, but normal ppl probably wouldn’t register that as a change

Yes working this week is really annoying bc 5 h a day

Like i got quite frustrated, and after i looked for a job

Found one basically same thing as i am doing rn, but IT

Like i think i can do IT without a doubt:p

Like i would probably be quite good at that job but also was just annoyed

Like i can already take breaks whenever i want, but like 5 h doing the same thing over and over

Like IT stuff like you got some changing pattern

Idk i dont expect much, it was some startup, like they didn’t sound really sure what they were looking for~

It was really random, type in something and get a job with basically the same flexibility and paying a bit more

Like i wouldn’t change for a full time job

But that package looked interesting

Like i would have to do android programming and stuff ~ like there are prettier languages

But they put python, go, and js as a requirement for Android programming, like thats odd

But like i welcome that, like i wanted to learn go anyways ~

However i stay with what i have for now

Who knows, i threw them my email

My leds are finally coming together ^~^

I did like 20 other things, 1 sec

Couldn’t reach the doc, they were closed that time, will probably postpone general doc after i moved, and just do ear doc

Cleaning is for moving

The hrt poster, i am talking to the mod about posting it, waiting for a reply

I would like a bit less

Like tomorrow i should know about the trans calendar, i may have closed 1 cleaning

And progress was the job i looked for, i just put it in as a general sub process, bc if someone offers more for the same thing, like i can at least be in the marketplace and get offers

Like i can leave that process on standby almost always, besides when i get annoyed

That leaves

2-3 open processes, i can deal with that a lot better ^~^

But first i gotta survive tomorrow ~






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