I think

If i take a normal fold wood table, and make it a mirror, that’s already enough futuristic ~

And a lot easier to make for me

Ill make 1 on the weekend, the question is how i lift it, ill probably just use the things to buy

Like i tried doing such a table before, and i should really just buy those ~

Next question, how to mirror

I think spray will do actually

However, like it removes the space i need in the room

I actually want to have to make sure the desk is empty, so i can just fold it up

Like i can let it be open, but its great if i have a insentive to keep it clean

But like i need to order those hinges first the table is made swiftly

Cut the wood, sand it, paint it

But like the hinges are the magic

But i need a shelf to put things into

Like i open my desk, put laptop on, good, and after, both gets back to its place


Wasnt i making a Android game or something

Lets do that, let’s make a game like a standard game, which i can reskinn for multiple other games

Like as a traffic base, ontop the website ads

Like most stuff is not done on the desk, i have voice comands and a Bluetooth remote

But like its good to have the option ^~^

I may not actually need to buy a shelf, if that food service keeps sending me a box in the same size each week, like ill just stack those into a shelf and make them pretty






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