So in my trigonometry of myself

Its getting better i think

I am much less annoying to myself

Like its a process

But like i think i am getting more

Like old patterns are hard to get lost, but like i planned myself a good shift

Like my dad actually asked myself if its just that easy with quitting smoking, like thats a multi layer question, especially if i am your child

Like yes, but needs good reason

Like dont smoke for 10 min, there, working, point proven, you can

Now the question is why would you?

Like you need something better than the addiction

I am getting hormones as a trade

Like some ppl just say, i have this really important project, and i cant continue smoking, like ill never get this done like this

Like thats a general analog from alcohol, thats why its looking so odd there

Like you need a good reason

Like you can, you can do anything, at any moment, the question is why would you maintain a pattern

Like i am using anubis scales to trade hormones for smoking

Meaning nicotine for estrogen

Like we animal ppl always did

Like ppl understand trading it for something, and if it didnt work, they actually can just put more value on it

Like if you dont want to quit thats burning recourses

Like i stop bc i am me and i am awesome

But like i would prefer smoking, and what i mean is weed

So i just go smoke weed instead of tabacco

Like i would prefer… Oh yeah i can buy weed candy i remember now

Hah, problem solved

Kinky sex and beeing high and not even having to smoke it, fits great with my new lifestyle

You would thing i would be doing marketing

Like make weed legal already

So like

Weedcandy lsd

Thats a good base to sell, i like that,

Obviously both legal and highly suspicious

Like those are stealth items to sell, i like that i could be carrying hundreds in a small messenger bag

Like u at a random party like ppl are happy to buy that, especially non smokers

Like i think i am switching to weed gummys and mushrooms, like i need to stop lsd already

Like this cant be healthy

Like it became a lot healthier

But I have a habbit of eating lsd like candy

Like i will try to pattern out with weed gummys and mushrooms

Btw, sugar is also different now, like it really is a drug

Like my old boss at the warehouse like she was telling me about her issues with eating candy, waaaaait, i am stupid, she was talking about drugs

Like nooo, my mind is innocent, i am not thinking about drugs if you say candy i believe you mean candy

Like wait a minute either this girl has the wildest sugar addiction ever or that was a analogy

Like weirdest place

Was beeing trained to manage some guys from another country, like we ate with them, they were great ppl, like i was also working with them

And there was another guy that my boss questioned if it was mafia

Like i am a fearless brat, i go ask, so my boss send me to scout

Not much talking, but great car

But like sugar really is also different now

Like i dont really fit a management position, too much politics, basically only politics

Like i can watch a team, but like management is not my style

Like i like the agile concept

Waaaaaait i have been trying to give salesfox a position, but what i am actually looking for is a manager

Like i dont like doing it, so i forgot about its existence

Like imagine it like a task manager on a computer

Like ppl have no idea what i am saying , bc they all raised on Android klicky plastic stuff

Like no you personally may not, but large parts of the general population today are

So you have a manager..

Waaaai what are we actually retraining the young generation of workers into rn?

Like i am seriously curious thats definitely a different paradigm of conceptual understanding, like

Like you can trace how ppl think back to how the technology worked when they grew up

So in reverse what are we doing there rn






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