Here thats probably why

Bc someone saw that

Bc its probably easier for ppl to hack arround in

Like yes, its easyer to exploit, but probably you just connected a random script there for something

Like if its possible it will be done, like have you seen me code:p

Like its probably easy in that sense

Like check how easy it is for a actual inexperienced user

But like intuitively, i dont like x11,, like it work, but it shifty

Like you refferencing everything to x, like it fit the void linux, but idk, maybe it was a error i had with it or something

But likey, intuitively Wayland sounds good without having looked at it, 1 sec

Like they low level sys progammers you can read their system by their naming

Like going by the naming is good

Like you can cross refference patterns of meaning

Like calling and refferencing everything to X has its own thing, like i saw it bc it was there, and its actually quite of interest to me to see something where everything is refferencing x, like thats so unique to me

Like its sitting at a sweatspot between really low level and user interface

So like it has a unique placement, i can understand why its there, without having looked or talked to anyone

Like i think its about the pretty linguistics

Now lets look at wayland in comparison to pretty linguistics






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