Btw like ppl are odd

With me now

Like they see me out like

Ooooooooh i see what i have done

I have made everyone curious about the  changes and actually not shown anything ~

Like theres not much to see, yet

Like i post pics when something interesting happens

I forgot i am of interest to ppl

Like i am either not caring bc i am working, btw i am not getting my exercise, i need to walk next week again to the store, this scooter making me lazy~

Like or that person was just generally confused

Like ohh you a girl, actually what are you

, i speak in male voice, oh you guy, looks at tattoos, actually

What are you

Like my existence is intriguing ppl

Like if you were predatory, there would be food, like they would be so fixated you could talk them into anything

but i am not, for now^~^

Like i am actually quite happy to be girl and be scared there,

Like i am kinky in that way

Did i just set myself up for ppl beeing scary to me, please dont~~

Like i should Cary a knife, but i would just randomly stab ppl, but like i should get something just in case, like feels like girl tradition






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