These hormones do be making

My brain horny, i forgot about that

Like i need to find me a slutty girl to chill with

But like sex without weed is boring

Like i do that next month, there

This month i find a guy to cuddle

I sec

This is exactly what we are doing

That artist deserves a prize

Its metastructure of reality we are using

And thats a good simplifyed representation, but it gets the essence

Like have you ever seen ferro fluid?

Like that but invisible and with reality

But like i would need to plan in weed consumption and cost, like ill do that later

Like i feel like i should have weed or at least a person for weed

Or for that a budget for it

Like i was just calculating weed by the 100s

Bc i am lazy i dont want to go buy drugs, just gimme a stack ill be back in a month

Like i need to find a better solution for that in my new system

Like i dont want to start spending on drugs again~

But i like weed

Like i can get that other weed, but like i want the good weed for sex

Like i dont want to worry about substance addiction besides normal weed with someone

Bc if you that close, they smoke a lot of your weed

Like as you do theirs,

But like i wanna calculate with good weed there if i calculate anything

How do i finance that?

No idea:p

Like i planned it somewhere i remember that

I need to start my bookkeeping again if this keeps up with transaction confusion

Like i really should do my bookkeeping no matter

Like when u out of money, why bookkeep

But like now i have money again to sort^~^

Like i am planning on moving mid this year, but no one would make apartment plans that far in advance

Like if they are a apartment management company, they probably have apartments and you now know them,

if you get that specific apartment in the ad or not

And u know they operate in your general price range

Like they are looking for have money, pay now

Like its called the purchasing decision

Like that works with my usual come by and do stuff while high

But like long term planning thats not working there

So like i come back there later

Like ppl are good when i ask for stuff

Like they see my general sleepyness and are quite understanding

Like not weed sleepy, but like general life sleepy

Like its the i would rather be sleeping rn honesty, bc they probably miss their bed too

I take the apartment or not and lets get back to sleeping

I need to pattern set next week again, that week will be hard for me

Like i am working longer, like i dont have the attention span for 5 h

Like its bc monday was off

So like its good, bc i am getting same hours as always but like

Will need diapers

Like i was already getting those as a reward for something else^~^

Great i. Buying diapers

Like i have obviously cost optimized those down

Like its me sitting here thinking about hours while my higher concious has 1 paw on selling a bunch of drugs

Like its waiting for my permission like a good boy

To just sell some drugs and be gone for a year

Like we do that, but in new city

Like i liked selling lsd, but i am actually quite bad at selling drugs, like the legal lsd was great

Like if i can openly sell something with demand, like Please

Omg that last song in that Playlist is peak cringe, and furry are doing that deliberately,

Like i  bad at selling to ppl i know

Like take your stack, never see you again all goody

Like to the ppl so close or far i fuck them i can sell

But its the ppl in between i am confused about the ppl i dont fuck :p

Like i cant sell to those for some reason, i lack the patience

Like i actually haven’t recalibrated that yeat,

Actually that should work now with the hormones

I would still prefer to sell drugs to ppl i can fuck or be fucked by

Like i would really like to also sell lsd next season, actually..

I have money again

Like i would need to calculate that

But like i could add a subroutine for selling lsd

Like the swarm pattern was pinging when i was selling

Like its actually telling me where my sweetspot is for selling

Like this time i do lower prices and just blend with the swarm

Like i know i can sell it, i stopped bc i couldn’t openly sell it anymore

But like yeah, i forgot, i am me


Lets sell some lsd again on the side^~^






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