So, where exactly

Was the police at before the drug war?

Like what were they doing?

Like theft and household stuff

General security

Like thats really useful

Like business crimes are usually not them, muder, maybe first response,

But often there are specic ppl for that

They probably do murder stuff first response

Stealing is usually a money crime, or like its own artform, so like its its own thing and its not regarded that criminal

Household stuff thas actually really useful, bc guys get a bit out of bounds from time to time

Murder is also its own category

I feel like there is also something else

The social aspect

Like at some point i noticed, i never see them at the market, like they seem to be avoiding it, like i am too, but like,

That presence in the social space needs to be reintegrated again

/made comfy/looking inviting

Like we can’t just claim something bad, we should suggest something better

Like a drug war translated means a war of a Gouverment against its citizens

Meaning against itself, bc the government is composed of citizens

Like that will not keep up

And we need to figure out what to do after that

Like the whole system is finger pointing

Like its not the police, it’s the courts, its the law makers

Like that works protecting, but also everyone is probably confused bc everything can be blamed to someone else

Like internal in that system

Will i touch that, no way, but like i see it

Like just a general footnote

Like ppl should be happy to see police arround

Like both sides having fear is bad for business






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