Opening letters on lsd

I swear it’s certainly something

Like i got the login data from the tax ppl

Like ill do that on monday^~^

Also got the big payment i was expecting


Like in comparison to general system size thats a big amount

Bc its only job doing anything

Like i added a store again, like i will pit something up

Also the adsense got approved, but i need to reconnect it all to the new website iteration

That cover*-*

Like things are finally coming together as i always intended

Like yes it was the hormones and its working

Like i already payed the bill^~^

Like they had really lean conditions, there was no actual date set for when the bill was sent out, and they attached a contact adress

So i paid it right away

Btw my bank offers qr code stuff now

Like i love that bc xmr does that too

Like i am really sure banks accept qr codes now

And that actually makes it really easy to pay things

Like as a business you can structure those to be payed immediately or at last date

Like they give insensitives like paying less for… Faster pay,.. Salesfox i unblock you..

However i am sure that helps ppl pay, bc its a lot easier than the number input process of emotional weight

Like the emotional weight times time of actually typing it out and doing the activity on relationship to payment amount

Ppl scan and pay working good^~^


Like its the beginning of the month, but i think ill manage

Like that was the last big bill

Now i actually get money for me

, next month

Like then i should have what i need to move

Like i dont think i will match that, i will be some 100s short, but ill find those^~^

Also like, i am getting money, from the insurance

Which i am using as a bank, which is giving out a loan to myself

So i am basically subsidizing my moving via the bank process

Like i am stupid with spending

I need to design my system so i can spend to 0 and still have everything covered

Basically like my spending account is seperate, thats the crypto card, where i then again subclass by allowance by week

Like rent etc, that all gets its own account

Like those heavy unchanging accounts, which includes food now

Basically i am acting as my own Gouverment ontop of the Gouverment

Where i have a bank finance bigger things and be a storage, food is included by my personal Gouverment

So like i make that its own account, like thats why i dont like banking, bc its so hard to make subaccounts

Like xmr has it^~^

Like i wanna package that, put a total pricetag on it and then parcel it into

Please lets call the language in which you code reality


Into a container, and i pay for containment, and i know how high that is, and can move that there beginning of the month

Waaaaaait, i have auto transmissions with banks, i can set it up to pay x amount to x account

I cam string like 3 accounts together to actually get something useful and functional out of banking

Like they sometimes have subclassing accounts, but not automated actions between those accounts

Like monero ppl, i saw you added the cli bookkeeping ^~^

Like u get what i am thinking, that functionality is well with reach

Oh, i need to add monero payment as a option too again, if i am setting up a new shop, but i am trying to keep minimal,

Like they have a merchant pay system, which i reaaaaally like

Like build into xmr

Like its amazing

but i need to look at how i integrate it

Like it feel so much better to be accepting monero for some reason

Idk its the vibe of the ecosystem






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