Okai so in general

The apartment looks good, i am missing the Bluetooth remote and the sleepwear, but its ordered

Like i have to manually skip ads without the remote

So either i just download all songs, which i should anyways as a tec person

Like i should have local copies of what i like bc else its gone

But like i still looking for new stuff and like coding, i need remote

Having that sleepwear i will get me a guy to cuddle me

Why a guy?

Bc i wanna be little spoon^~^

But like i need to arrange so i dont fuck that guy, that will be expensive

Like issue is more me beeing horny and forgetting

Like guys usually wait really good till they are given permission, like then they fast, but like

They beeing really good boys for me

Like issue really is me being inherently sexual and teasing

Especially if i know he is not allowed ^~^

I really need adaptive back light

Like i almost got a 300 tv for 50

Like he already said yes, then realized he could go higher and changed price

So out of spite i refused the offer entirely

Like it changes back light based on whats on the screen

Like then i use this tv as a pc monitor again, and get a bigger main

Btw i just got the last big bill

So all probably next month

Like for 50 i couldn’t resist, but like in general it has time

Like i need it bigger, bc i am programming from the bed with a remote, i need to be able to see things ~






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