Like my system is optimized for a bigger city

So all i need to do is move

Like i am actually hesitant about making rent contracts, bc they will always be too soon

Like i payed my last big bill, now i see if i am stable including the food subsystems

Like i am in this obscure

Do i have the money to move?

What does it matter?


Bc i am getting money and that is actually subsidizing half

Like its a bank, a seperate entity

It provides a part, i provide a part

And we get moving

Like i just allocated bank as a local social system for myself

Like you are not allowed to offer anyone else banking services without paying the right ppl

But you are perfectly allowed to offer them to yourself in a private context

With the same advantages

Like it sounds abstract

But like the most likely thing causing issues from having money is likely you spending it

So if its not you, but bank

Like u can interact with it like with any other person

Like i should only have access to my small allowance, even if i have more money






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