I need to

Order diapers to reward myself for paying that bill

Like the issue with me being a girl and everything i touch now working as its intended to

You see thats where the trick and issue was

Like it didn’t matter what i did, like all i touched had the same issue

Now, is that a bug or a feature?

Bug i think quite certainly

However, that also means my standards are rising with that

Like i was expecting that and why i planned and put money back for moving

If i actually get the traction and dont just paddle in circles

Like my standards will rise quicker than my environment

Like i am inside of family radius rn, also mentally

Like nooioi, i get so much worse than this when on my own

Like nooioi, i get so much better than this when on my own

Like the borders of my possibilities are endless

Like if i wanna move and sell lsd, like that is a possibility

Like that solves money, i can get all items i want as is rn, my basics like food are covered by default anyways

Like i love that job for like having the best management and working times

Also… Did i put myself into the scedule..

Yes, i did bc monday is a holiday in Germany, or like company wide idk

Like i know, its written in my calendar but i am trying to make myself look stupid bc guys are so easily sacred by actual competence

Like things are really looking good for me

Like i am slowly doing what i intend to do

Like it now actually works

Like before i had the ability to do basically anything but i couldn’t keep it up socially for shit

Now i am just able to do anything within my courage

Like now with stuff working i am jumping multiple levels laterally

While moving spacially

I also get a proper valuing now as no limits

Like its bc my mind thinks to understands space

and mind is space, itself

What i am saying is

I have based my value on everything but me

Now i get that value, and lets hope i dont get too pretty as a girl

Like u see

If you move like ppl dont know you

You can speak in Spanish accent and they would think its normal for you

Like they met you like this

So like i am seriously readjusting social frames and parameters there

Like i am blatantly manipulating reality

Wait, thats what i would normally do, but i should now actually be valued correctly without me manually adjusting


I will setup the base money infrastructure of like selling and ads and stuff

And then when i moved i can get into putting together what i was doing with codename beyond






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