Like i am too stupid to pick sides most of the time

Like ill try to help whoever is asking rn

And if the other person is asking ill help them the same

Like i have the brain of a goldfish

I saw the overarching layers of your social game, and decided to not pick a side and be a goldfish

Like i probably wasn’t offered a bribe i noticed

And the whole thing can probably be resolved bc ppl just take things really seriously where they dont really have to~

So like ill be a goldfish watching the game

Like i am playing, but i am more like water

I am kinda more environment, but also kinda player, but at the end its

I am a leaf in the wind and i have no clue how i got here

Like i have the impact of a river/ water

And also less normal player behavior, like a river

Like water is quite some force, but its not a active player, it just is water

Kinda like that

I mostly often am just space itself existing






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