Like the issue with

Like clicks for ads and stuff is

Its non linear

So at making 100, it is closer to 10.000 than it is to 0

Like that totally fucks with perception

Like i would need bout 300 views a day, calculating good,

without the miner, like its basically the same idea as ads

Like without the miner

So funny, like u remember me saying but it doesn’t work with anti-virus? They added a button to turn on or off, if you wanna respect that:p

If the ads are not working as intended or are just not enough numerically

I am basically getting a small buff bc of that, which hopefully balances that to my target amount

Like if my personal life has its cycle

And the website has its own money cycle, like thats a different story

Bc i have a upstream which mostly just gets reinvested

Like i want a base line before i do anything bigger






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