I am quite curious about the food

Like they would have delivered it today

But i read, if you order it at the beginning of the week, it may have been in the warehouse over the weekend ~

So like i ordered it to arrive on a later date

Like i need food for the cat tomorrow so i am going shopping anyways ~

Like that should really help me bc i have taken 2 of the main things

The car

And the food

Out of my perception

Oh i remember, i wanted to do doctors this month

Like i can call my normal doctor for a appointment when they have time

And go more specific on specialty

Like i will try to get ear first

Like normal places i can just take the bus, but this pharmacy was just hard to reach without a car

I am beeing really careful about teeth, bc they will want follow ups, but they also really good where i went last time, but i also want the white fill stuff and that costs extra

So like i do ear and general for now and then i see where i end up

Like if its in the area, i dont need to take a day off like with the trans stuff which is far away

But like the ear thing is bc i am deaf on 1 ear, like the last time i was freaking out, like how much drugs did i fing take

But like was some kind of dirt, seems to be something common, pulled it out, done

Like i have that again rn~

So like i let them fix that

And general is general

Like idk i want a base line done, like in a big city i am quite certain i can just walk or take the s Bahn to whatever doc i need

Like my body is healthy

My mind is healthy with the hormones

My apartment will be smart and cuddly

And i will be high and diapered

Untill i am not working a conventional job anymore

Not bad






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