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Yeah paw patrol

Is risk and team/system management

Or more the solution to it, which is predictive itterative modeling

The same rigit show structure, repeated in every episode, risk assessment, system/character growth/ optimisation

Its what i am doing with the 1bookkeeping and my 2goal reaching program i have written, like 12 cycle end 12 ce 12 ce

On the side and basically both parts

Adapting to a goal

I knew there was something there, like the show was marked by the social system as having value^~^

Its the structure of management, which produced the show, which got encoded into the end product

Like art reflects the artist

Its great i have it in math now^~^ meaning i can reframe it with a stable frame of refference, yaay

What is also quite interesting is that i got away from it, that if you are running low hardware, like doing accounting by hand on paper, you are kinda limited and therefore have like these monthly steps

But with computers now beeing as fast as they are, you should be able to see a divergence in behaviour/ a going away from where it should be quite instantly, bc you can also feed it live data

Meaning, you dont have to wait a month to adjust, you should be able to see it a lot earlier

It actually looks like i am doing limited parameter variing calculations

Bc i am working with the difference of something, but not quite sure,

It might be the difference to 0, in which case it isnt