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Why do i even

Bother coding

This is not a feature, thats just manually adding stuff :p

No not really

3 min:Dd i have a kali vm in the background of this phone which downloaded faster, what tf u installing :Dd

Lets see about that

You know i have multiple google accounts in different countries, and its quite interesting how whats avaliable on the store changes

Its not even working when i cover up everything besides the fat written amount number

Like the one for 300 worked even with a shitty image and got it perfectly

Back to coding then^~^

Like this is prob a language issue, its probably looking for$ instad of €

But like there was 1 that detected the country, like those apps are just shit in general it seems

Like non of those got any amount right, and placed everything into the wrong category

Thats why you dont pay for shit you have not tried