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What does helping ppl mean to me

I might destroy the magic by naming it, but i would like to define it vaguely

Helping ppl is for me the socially understandable term, which i use to commect my cutom written psychological system to the social space, like a link

Basically a personal experience interacting with the group ego

Helping ppl is more of a feeling to me, its where i honestly know i am trying to help ppl in some way

Now my quest is to take this “some way” and define it in more details/more routs/fractals/mirrors/mercury (yes thats all the same word for the same process, yes there are multiple and lots of perspectives)

I would like to so something, which brings joy, which helps ppl in the long term, but also little helpful things

Like i dont want to just hold up a archetype of “i am good”

I want to make tools that work for that strategy of genetic conquest.

Bc i think its quite calm to use, so i will use it^~^

Like to every system there will be a shadow, at this size

Basically i make a tool, and package it in a way ppl can understand and are familiar with

I still need a overarching story for the shop, like i go personal branding, bc parasocial relationships,

amelia is exploring xxz

And bringing back artefacts of xxc

And this is her diary/lockbook

So she is basically representing my function, but is extending it into a non physical realm, by analogy

With this non physical realm influencing the physical one

I know ^~^ yes you can build systems across different planes of existence ^~^ like thats kinda what multidimensionality means, you got, its a bit one sided, bc you can see down, but not up in dimensions.

I think the story should reinforce the structure in a good way, like give it some rigidity to build other systems off off

Rn i got a mail list which is not all the way set up

And a certificate

Like i have 2 branches rn and its getting busy

So i will go and do a general storyline, and then make Products arround that

And with products i mean higher dimentional tools, manifested in understandable language hidden in a capitalistic framework ^~^

Like you would hide a virus in a image or file^~^

Then i do the mail thing, i guess make it a floating position, bc of time variations

And so do//

Implement storyline

Talk to the ppl i dont write back to, at a normal time

Look where i am and reorient myself and products again

Look into multi patterned sleeping rhythma

Also i got some cuddles today, i feel better^~^

I just had sincere panic! I couldn’t find my plushy ~i~

But i found it^~^ i am sooo relieved *happy tail wag*