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Wait a minute

Wait wait wait a minute, statistical standard ppl dont have multipe skills, they dont understand the history, have not read the books, never used a psychedelic tool,

Their goal in life is to get 1 specific job they prepare for their whole life, they get informed by the common news, tv or their subgroup hobby they like, which they did not chose, but kinda fell into via yt etc

Their goal in life for males is to get any fitting mate

For females to get one thats not total shit

They dont like the system they are in, but couldnt move if they tried to

Scared of like everything, from criminals, to other countries, to their boss and the police

They basically believe everything someone with a expert status tells them, besides politicians

They dont have a understanding of how language works and why it works

They cant just change their patterns of behaviour

They dont see the entirety of the evolution of society to this point

They dont see social ans psychologycal things visual and in color

To progress in life they need a course or something, they cant just go and do it

They have a dream but never really move towards it

Damn that gives me some perspective ~

I need to up my prices:Dd

Marketing makes so much sense now, i am trying to make a pice that fits neatly into that

But damn ppl have a idea and cant just bring it to life… Thats ~sad..

How do ppl survive? Like thats so inefficient,,, xx am i beeing rude?

Like i just noticed all of that, its not meant in a bad way, just like is it like that?

What are you ppl doing? Do you need help? Do you want help? Am i just seeing things wrong?

Like someone give me a list of the most common problems and ill tell you how to fix them, like not climate change, but in your life

I can draw some cute pictures on there too

I feel like i am beeing so rude, but like if it is like that, like, i mean please go on, but like i should at least offer to help?

Its kinda seen as rude to spoil ppl their journeys, but like u get me?