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Update riiijka

Oki, basically woocommerce somehow vanished from my website, cant reinstall it

I will probably reinstall wp


Scrypt checking if all parts of my system are online

Network Graph visualisation for sys

Getting keyworks to topics automatically

I will basically circle that

Gets related keywords, uses those to get more relatet keywords, etc etc

Which i can then visualise with the network graph, giving me a overview of all keyword topics

Basically if the pod api works, which i can only test with woocommerce~

The i will basically have, like idk, a e-commerce chimera? ^~^

I can see the entire market, my system status, and have the production means for physical, as well as digital

With a ai chatbot interface with visual emotional indicators^~^, whichcan open programs for me

Splendid ^~^

Like i still have to connect everything, for which i need to find my usb~ do regular updates >>

Also like interactive graphs, like they bounce in funny ways^~^