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Update piloposopy’hair

I basically deleted the random file, bc the random is done automatically with reading

The prining to file is where i lost interest, this will be fun to debug ~

So basically the code for data is there, but not debugged, what else do i got



Text to img left

I added a backgrounds folder and added a image, now i write text to img. Py

I would really like to add a base line f# structure, but i am stil learning that, probably someday

I will just reuse a old scrypt i used to batch print shirt designs, like 3000 a day, but only simple ones

I have arround 20000 shirt design, which i bought for like 15, but i will have to edit those, of course by scrypt

But u need to have a look where i put that~

I backed it up like 5 times, it must be somewhere ^~^

That leaves api,

I will use the wp api, so i need to learn that now^~^ and put it in