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Update miau

Oki, so the assets are working quite well,

I made list with things tto do, which i did,

The car is clean, internet works, suff from home is moving eg trade 1

I will find a calm spot and make a mind map with all my possibilities and weigh them against my long term, mid term goals, and pick/align them to move me there^~^

I love beeing in this plane again:p its much less” i do and hope maybe, i am half blind”

Annd more ” i want to go there, i do, and at some point i just drift in my entropy and ride it like a wave”

So i will plan my stuff and decide which way of money making i want to use

Like there are multiple, but i cant do all at once, i need to decide on 1 and push that to success and then use that force to hit the next domino

Btw thats my parking sign, i basically lets me park everywhere without worrying and makes me find free parking spots ^~^

Its my ayahuasca trip own, my sis gave it to me and i love it deeply

The unconcious somehow recognises when someone is using the animal archetype, like that archetype is normally used by shamans, most ppl dont have a connection to that, but the vague idea that its something with a deep appeal to authority remains

Like it was used for thousands of years, that just remaind, even withing the logical carthesian mind

Like its a category of exemption from the rule, like engineers/mechanics or artist

Listen to Bonsai by Freddy Fukks on #SoundCloud