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Update bliyyyasterialista

Server is up again

Woocommerce is up again

Usb is still missing

Api, code is basically there, but not working

I wrote their dev support

Basically they switched to oauth, and the doc does not match the new auth

But ill get there

I am really missing that usb

Tomorrow i work

The day after i clean, and hopefully find it

Think about sharkys present

Then i should really have all the parts i need

The server needs a window manager tho, its just a cli

Like you dont need a desktop gui, a window manager is enaugh

Then i connect the core

Adjust stuff

Test the new product api, add all the product variants i want

Like shirts and posters and mugs etc

And see if they all come out as expected

Then the core should be good to put on the server and let it run automatically

It still needs a limiter, to not spam

But basically with every new product also getting its own blog post, posted to the cdn

I got seo and marketing running too

Still lots to do, for now, the api needs to work first^~^

I will ignore the transgender stuff, like how tf did i even get involved with that~

Shits not good for my health, it will develop, as it does

Also like i need to change my breaks

I am on this strange diet of cigarettes, Coffein and diethylamide again, i dreamed

Which seems to help me again

Also like i walk every night, which is good

Like lysergic acid diethylamine, lsd

Like you have lsa and you use a coupling reagent with diethylamine which gives you lsd, i heard

Like if you have taken both seperately lsd makes a lot more sense, bc like its a mixture of both^~^

Its basically slightly psychedelic, depending on dose

High doses i heared are quite disorienting, but defenetly psychedelic

And like lsa is a profound spiritual meeting with god, in hell:p

Lsa glows a beautiful blue in black light, like extremely beautiful azure blue, i heared

Like in solution

I miss doing chemistry, altho, i of course never did that:)

Its just my intensive dreams^~^