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Okai, so i was like looking arround and

I found someone doing the same thing i am doing

But like compared to that guy, i am like centuries ahead, like

With my fancy ai chatbot interface, and like millions of products and all automated with like blog posts and ai blog posts

So i actually feel pretty good about the thing rn,

So i got like a php wrapper for the pod upload thing, bc the docs were confusing

So like i will probably test and get that running

Like i need to change some stuff, like make the bg transparent when it like gets automatically printed on shirts and stuff~

I meed to put the blog poster thing back in, bc like its not in there bc its spamming the blog, and like i would like a control dial for how often/in which rythm i want to upliad products^~^

Bc like i 1 prod takes like bout 5-20 sec

So like i would just be spamming, which i would like to avoid

Like i dont want to upload for like the next 40 years, so like its still fast, but like not that fast~

Having fully automated physical products semms like a big boost in market value

Also like, you can take my millions of products * different products its printed on

So if i got 4.000.000; and 10 prod thats 4.000.000*10thats


I can probably do some seo by scraping google analytics, like the keyword thing

I still need a good way to get automatic new content for prducts, like by niche

Like go do cats

And like it goes threw all topics associated with cats, get a bunch of stuff, and like makes products and like everything is neatly sorted into categories and stuff

But i feel like i am getting ahead of myself

Like i do the physical products probably, lets see how i troubleshoots^~^

I can probably even get away with just marketing with social, avoiding google shopping

Like i would like it, but like its a pain, like a lot of pain, like it was always a pain~

We’ll see

Like with x millions of products phisical and non physical, that are automatically posted, like, i will find a way to market those, like how big of a market advantage could i want more than that^~^

See me have a mental breakdown when that still isnt enaught~

Also like i need to do like server

Like i am trying FreeBSD now,

Like i tried linux server, i tried Ubuntu, i tried the other thing, and like nothing worked properly, so like i will try free bsd now^~^ like with time, i am nkt in a hurry to start server stuff rn~