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Transgender therapist

Okai, that was useless again,

They gave me the adress of someone in mannheim

I will just buy or make the hormones, and like only do video conferences from now on

Like they told me they cant do anything for me

Like i understand that, they are specialised on fixing the standard mental system

And like mine is custom build

So they kinda not do this

Like i would not go to them, they dont know what to do with me

But i am legally obliged to meet with one of them

So its a kinda odd situation

Like i need a indication

Maybe i should just look for someone who will sell me the indication ^~^

Or maybe i can socially enineer it^~^

Like i need it for ppl to move

Then i can just engineer that i moved, and looking for someone to take over

The problem is the surgery costs,

Like i need to be in their system for that

I will focus on making the hormones for now, ir buying them^~^