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Too early

Its waaay to early

Why do ppl always think i work everywhere

Like why would the person with the striped leggings work there

Like i got the attention by default so ppl greet me, so i am used to just greeting ppl back without thinking

Its quite confident greeting i admit

But like i look like the last person to work anywhere

Like i just woke up, i am half asleep doing business stuff

Like i got a sweater of the postal service on, bc i am lazy and they comfy

Why would i work there?

I got fluffy socks on, over my leggings

Its just too early..

Lets get some work done and get back to sleeping

Like i can and will answer their question to get back to beeing sleepy, but thats not the point ~

Like i have nothing to loose there, what are they gonna do? Fire me:p