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The hrt research is spotty


Estrogen alone without antiandrogens seems enough for the process

I would generally tend to prefer that, as you dont want to mix 2 different compunds, if you dont have to, due to wechselwirkungen

Ethinyestradiol is really bad

Estradiol valerate, seems to be kinda ok for now

You dont want pills, like its not in the recourses, but i have read the study, and estradiol orally causes liver problems, so patches are the way to go

Patches are generally available in

25mcg, 50 and 100

Start with low, go up, like

Eat a small pce of the xtc, then look if you are alive, and then carefully proceed

I personally will probably stop at 50 maybe 50 and half if i am not satisfied

24 patches are 3 months, thats 8 a month

Thats 2 a week

Resell prices are absurd and vary widely

I will try to make my own patches, like its not hard to make stickers with medical tape and apply a solution, like or just buy patches and apply solution

Just need to get Estradiol valerate

Lets say you are making a 5 year supply, then thats 100mcg*8)*12)*5 thats 48000mcg, thats

Not a lot, so about 1 gram should be overkill

I will need a really good scale for that~

Seems to be soluble in water but will have to calculate that further

The solvent may affect effective time, so a gel may be preferable, i will need more data

I have been ignoring these kind of warnings for years now:p

Ayyy they found a way to do column chromatography without buying a column and using cigarette filters, thats almost as genious as the african kid centrifuge, like i have a professional column, but cool to know i can just improvise one:p

Like they are not making the estrogen i need, its more of a environmental thing

That link only seems to work on chrome,

Basically, its vollhardts synthesis to estrone, and then a reduction, then another step to convert it to valerate, which i read, but did not screenshot~

Might as well just buy it:D like the chemicals to do that will me more expensive than just buying it, but certainly interesting, maybe someday^~^

It would be a shame if someone read this, and were to flood the estrogen market

So obviously don’t, that would be so immoral 🙂