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Status update

The next days i got a lot of appointments till the 8. Then i am hopefully free of most of what binds me to the deamon of constricted time, via social structure

Did a bit for main and made some profits

Trade 1 is ready to order

Trade 2 sample arrived and was tested and product images taken, so now comes getting to the actual order which i need to think about first, also branding is done

The crypto portfolios are on the shelf rn, i would like to transfer more fiat into it, like i need a bit of money in the account for unexpected things, but i can make that a fixed amount and always put everything over that in crypto

Rn i am calculating with 3x my monthly spending in the account, i will try to trade crypto for my cash expenses into fiat


Money in to account, account to crypto, crypto to fiat

I want to avoid spending on the bank account as every transaction can be tracked or the whole account can be frozen, as soon as its in xmr, its safe, like even the Gouverment cant intimate math, no one knows how much it is, and if they knew how much went in, they dont know if its still there, maybe its just a input account which relays the money to a safe, so spending enormous recourses on braking into it is basically a big gamble

Like a big goverment, if they reallly want to get into that, they will, they have almost unbound recourses, but i am defenetly not at a amount where that is of interest

It is also a investment at the same time, so my money fluctuates up and down, but that is not much of a worry, like its the top i remove from the income account, like i dont really track or care how much is in it, as long as its not under 1-2 monthly spendings

With main i basically am almost at break even, like i start at minus something, bc i have expenses, so by having main, i sliwed down that minus and gave myswlf more time, i would like to be at break even soon

Like i can also look at what my old businesses are doing, i have like 1000 digital products that are automatically selling, i watched the first sale for proof of concept, but then let it do its thing^~^ and forgot about it, probably not much~

To give context, even if i work a low end job for 1 month, my expenses are low, so i basically get double or tripple x my living expenses, that option is still there, but break even feels close,

What break even means, is, it works, sure there will be fluctuations i have to compensate, but basically

Break even means its working and i am safe, everything i make beyond that is extra money, i can just stack or probably reinvest

Like i have been taking drugs for years and been broke, but like not really, i had money, i just immediately reinvested it into learning new skills, so now i sit on all the skills i could need, like i knew this would take forever to learn, like its tedious, so beeing high and doing things is not a bad idea

Doing repetitive and useless tasks is actually a form of torture that was used in prison camps, like they had ppl carry sacks of sand from 1 side of the road to the other for days

Like ppl smoke weed and get lazy, bc all they do is nothing, like thats still time you invest, thats still patterns you build, if you were doing nothing for years, you will have a pattern of doing nothing

I always did something while high, often business related, so for instance if i smoke weed, i immediately fall into the mindspace of productivity, just bc its the oattern associated with the mindspace

So drugs is like a business expense, like you have a machine, you need oil

Like not many ppl like reading terms and conditions or doing repetitive things, but like if you are high, its not a issue, you just get into a zen like flow state and do what needs to be done^~^

The tool is itself, its how you use it