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Sona update

The sona is developing great, a is the first stone, b is now

I quite like how it evolved, alltho the eyes are not fitting yet, mink could be better, real outlines:p maybe glow effect and lighing^~^

I like the colors, i will use her as pfp on my channels and continue the personal branding route, but deviate bc like i have a website, i make a webshop like its nothing, still takes time^~^ i have a array of things i can port, and even in those things, i got more, bc for instance

In the gallery section of my website, like i have more art i can put there, i just was busy with other things

Like i can load any idea quickly with some weight, but i would like it to develop in a direction that reflects me

I will rather lay my stones carefully, someday there might be a storm^~^

Oh yeah, i put her under the family name for my ocs

Amelia Storm