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Shorting btc

Something about shorting btc seemed off to me and i think i now know why,

Its risky

Like i could do the same by putting more amount into xmr, its more calculatable than btc, its moves more predictably, at leat for me, altho no one can really predict stock prices,

Also would have to use a exchange, wich is a stupid idea in itself, i wanted to have more diversivication, but i dont think that would be worth it if you look at the risk and constraints, putting more into xmr seems a saver bet,

I would still like more diversivication, but i really dont have any cryptos besides xmr i want to go long on, like its the only one with the features, actual usage, and myth in this area

I may need to look at other investment goods i can get my hands on with crypto and cash

Like my assets dont need to be crypto stocks, they can be anything that increases in value, its just great with them, that you almost always have someone that buys and sells,

If you would expect salt to become more valuable, you would still need someone that buys your salt when the time comes

Like the market should be good for that in that situation, but still