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Scene to show to therapist female communication

A scene portraying female nonverbal communications

At 8:50 min

Thats the kind of communication, the closest to the psychedelic “feeling the essence of someones beeing, directly and fully” kind

Its still magnitudes away, but threw its non using of language, the flow of information is not bound by the unspeakable. therefore smelling like the other side, dripping with with unconcious and completely understandable in its vagueness.

A contradictory, non logical communication, not bound, which spell would be broken if spoken about

Also sooo fun to do~ ^~^ its like using a unix terminal, every instuction is just perfectly translated, if not misspelled

Its bound to the female reading of faces, which is a tool given with the estrogen, so i am really slow at it

Like, i can do the tool, but i have to translate it back to the male and then from male back to the female tool

Doing this translation step makes my execution time longer, like if i have a normal girl, no problem, my normal execution speed is up threw iq, i can compensate that.

a young girl thats fast with her execution, i am sooooo dead:Dd or better put a young girl thats not as mindful and just uses tools full force and like a lot in series, instead of using better timing

Like i could still push her down, but like thats such a high level raw male tool that would trow the whole room off

Its like.. The taking your claws and dragging them threw the floor, to make the other person know that you could do something.

At least thats what is see visually when i do it

Like she is executing like that bc she is insecure about something, me doing that would totally throw her off, like i want to play, not scare her to death

Like someone like that will keep hitting you with tools, so i dont have a good solution to that till now, maybe a linguistic paradox, could make her stop, like if she is executing at high speed, it will be hard to see danger, so if i trow a paradox, she will stumble over that, but that requires getting her attention first, else it wont work

Like saying “now comes the important part! grass is blue”

Something like that but better, so it can be used in normal conversion

I have something like that,

You just go “pattern brake”

And that will work too, but its like the raw tool, that is me just obviously rewriting reality, like i want that to be neatly hidden and packaged

~however, i am getting lost in hypothetical conversations