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Oki, did the ritual

Seeing this, ppl will probably assume its satanic, which theoretically yes, but no, its a old tool used by different groups

The geometry is the main point, there is just not much you can change about geometry so it gets recognised easily, satanic is just the most recent thing ppl can think of, like they dont have the timeframe to trace it further back

Also glossolalia again

Basically i set the pattern, this includes me

Connected the things to be severed by glossolalia, and lit them, a fire pattern/archetype representation /analogy

I tried to burn the main one first, but it just wouldnt burn, i understood i have to first decouple it from the Ankering points, so i did those first and then it burned too

All were burned till nothing absolutely was left

Then i destroyed it in a spiral pattern, basically the enter key

There are multiple factors to this, i wont explain all of them,

The simbols ont the side are basically the connection of what the neighbouring patterns are

The cycle describes what the system is in glossolalia

>The center pattern has so much meaning that i could write a book about it, but the meaning is more like examples of what you can do with it, basically its geometry resembling a multidimensional object, wich is used for navigation

The spiral is a representation of the main pattern of existence, so you basically spread the ashes in that pattern

By the destruction you create

Lets see if that worked^~^