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Ritual look

This is how the ritual looked to me, like visually

Like thats kinda hard to ignore, even not beeing logical

Like this is a pattern that is mapped

However strange it might seem, that i randomly do it, these things happen since like ever

Like i can find the mappings, after i have seen it bc i recognise it, bc like i have been there, not litterally, but in that pattern, that archetype, that systematic pattern of reality so complicated its not understandable, so i go like, ohhh someone else has been there, cool^~^

And you know its the thing you have seen, bc what you have seen visually, other ppl usually dont see, but that person did and managed to draw it, but its so complicated, that i is not describable by language, like its quality is that it is litterally unspeakable

Like i know exactly what these subtitles mean, but its hard to put into words

Like the song in the song is a pattern itself