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Oki, so risks will be in a list like




Those will have a threat level

That threat level is automatically adjusted by the divergence to the predicted model

Basically, if sales are getting lower, the treat level of cashflow will be increased

So i should probably look at sales

The predictive model is used as the best path to my goal

So if the divergence is getting too big, it will get harder to reach that goal, the more i stray from it

In the end it will be giving me a flag

Cashflow is threat level x,

Please adjust sales/lower prices/do campaign etc etc

Basically giving me counter measures to do

Like someday i need to get my inventory to realtime, or if i am switching to crypto arbitrage, just use these numbers

I can probably also do a assessment of new projects

Like i want to test something, how much may i loose, how much may i win, how good is it working, how much time am i investing, for what return

Which project is contributing how much to my total