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Really like it

I really like wordpress for its plugins, like i install woocommerce and have a shop, its great

Like the tools to do things are not hard to use and free~

Like programmers live free open source, bc they can edit all files

Like its not getting easier

I will do like fun certificates

A great digital product, makes ppl feel good, sell them at 99 ct with PayPal checkout, i still need like automatic service to convert PayPal to xmr, someday i need to set up a private company for that~

This is all low level stuff of course, but we’ll get there, i need to start somewhere ^~^

Its the foundation for bigger things, lets put it that way

My target group is extremely wide, so i need to market extremely wide, like on a simple base level, i will get to giving ppl complex tools to change reality in capitalistic form soon enough uwu

For now its base level helping ^~^

Like if morality is the best tools the previous generations have left us, then beeing good, simply means applying tools of a certain nature, like ever if you are doing whatever questionable things, its still good that that existed, no matter what, by in the end you still helped people

Like if i have the choice between waking up and helping ppl

and waking up and hurting ppl

I take the helping^~^

Like thats something i personally would support, i feels right and, i think this may be a bigger human tendency to like compassionate ppl, and that might be a good market junction to be in

You can choose your reasoning depending on morality, at the end, it looks like a good metaphysical plot of land

You can see why i can be so morally questionable?

I see multiple sides of the object, and can choose from multiple angles which morality is liked

It would be stupid to assume a static rule based morality, if you see the multidimentional hyperspacial object from multipe sides

Like it cant be a static one, bc i see like 5, thats a proposterous proposition, to assume only 1, if there are multiple.