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^~^Progress update

I am looking into solar modules,

Water is set up, its simple, but it works quite well

I reduced the weight a bit and i finally understand whats so heavy, i got like 20 kg of water, 10l fresh water, 5l kinda fresh for cleaning, and water bottles

With the solar panel, i should have the car ready

If i get a mall power bank and like a phone solar thing, i should also be able to run the air filter, so rn i am coloring ^~^ and a bit of math on the side~

I think its like (- 1) – (-3) degree outside and i am sitting and coloring, so its not too cold, its not really warm, but also not too cold, next year i could think about a small heater, or i just stay in a warmer country in winter, but as its getting warmer rn, i suppose things are getting easier^~^ thats pleasant, i guess its 1 of the benefits of starting in winter:p

I kinda like this cold, its like hard to describe, it makes me be more happy about my warm blanket, so the warmth is waay more pleasant

Without the cold, it would not be as pleasant, so the cold is kinda good, bc without it, there would be nothing to contrast the warmth against^~^

I would say its hard survival against the cold, but it would feel off sitting in my fluffy bathrobe with a pacie and a stuffy coloring

Like i would prefer like 2-3 degrees warmer, but like i cant really complain ^w^

Its also probably bc of that, like if you are just sitting thinking about the cold, its probably pretty hard, but i got the tools to make me be well even in hard situations

Like the coloring, stuffy, pacie are tools often used with psychedelics, so they can take some force

Its like”yeah its a bit cold “

“yeah there is the total knowledge of existence hitting you at 5000terrabyte a sec”

~”you’ll survive, cuddle the plushy and be happy that you have the oppertunity to experience it^~^ it’ll be over soon and you’ll miss it”

As indicator, i can not see my own breath condensing in the air

There is a small trick, either my ex, or the mum of the girl befor my ex told me, its called a scarf;)

Like really there is a reason, its the main artery on the neck, that is loosing a lot of heat

If that is covered, you will have waay less trouble with the cold and wont get sick as easily

I used it the first time i was travelling in the car, and its working wonders, add some good tea in the morning and evening and things are looking a lot more optimistic

Also, add good food, in submarines they eat like kings, bc they dont see the sun, they are in a room with a lot of sweaty sailors.. No wonder so many military ppl are gay:Dd

However, food is important for moral, and morale is everything

Like if you have no tools, things will get hard so use the tools, and things get easier, its a bit of a way to get really comfy, but you also need something to do and a reason to build your airship that ACIDentaly looks like a dragon, like if you are comfy, why move~