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And its almost a buyable product^~^

I will not sell it directly on the website, loke you can get it via thee merchant, but like selling will all be done in the backend of the mailing list, bc like you get the mail and then build trust and sell

Like ppl dont like you trying to sell something, so you trade something valuable for their email and occasionally offer something small to buy etc etc, you get the concept

Which in this case is not even morally questionable, bc we are helping

ppl, for now it looks quite calm^~^

A closed system will always be more stable than a open one, just systematically

Like a book is stable, bc its a closed system

The chalkboard in the clasroom is a open system, by everyone can draw on it, but its partly closed, bc the teacher has a royalty over it, to keep the class in one direction

You let your customer slowly build trust to you by building a automated pattern of interaction, to exploit their behaviour and eat them~^

I mean help them^~^

You see why i use the animal archetype?

It just needs to be watched by another process or it will be pure animal :p

Btw ita also a great archetype for sex^~^