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POST |> Printful is annoying me <3

BAsically what i am doing is not how ppl use that technology, bc no one has a automatic product maker like i do, no one has a automatic company at this scale, and wants to connect it to a pod service. ppl use the api to get stats, or create little apps for their customers to delete and edit, or make manual orders and stuff. but i need to create products automatically. printful has that functionality in their docs, but they are kind of a mess rn. i wrote some other pod companies, and asked if they are willing to do that, like i looked and they just dont have that functionality in their docs~ aaaah ,, like i still have a way to get arround that, but i would reeeeeaaaly prefer to be able to do it via the api, bc i can connect it directly to my other scrypts,, their support is not really helpfull like at alll~ bleh