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I just looked at the code for my genetics thing, and it looks like the executing files from bash is a custom scrypt i have opened up, i am sure there is a built-in function for it~

I basically got a py which is fed the name and extension as input

Which is executed by bash

I just like writing in python ~^~^~ like its comfortable

The sh files are a bit more interesting

I am basically copying the information from another program, via the names and folder sizes

With sub files for hungry, eating data,

Or horny, spreading data

I experimented with databases, but this just seams easy enough ^~^

Basically its a reptile, it eats, it propagates, i was on writing environment detection when i moved on ~

I am comparing tools, i dont think i need to get that complicated

I can get the foldernames in the “tools” folder, pipe their code via sh in a comparative manner

And save everything in a neat predefined folder structure ^~^ sounds good

I will post some pics later~~^ its a quite biological model i use here x3