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Paw patrol business

Can i just remark that i am building my business based on paw patrol, a kids show about talking puppies

Like there is also math n stuff, for like mathing

But is basically me watching paw patrol

going down a rabbit hole to get some math

Checking how far i am off course, and then applying the patch for the next upgrade

And going back to watching kids shows


Like “adult” things have this pattern of linguisticly encrypting their data

With most of it beeing small watered down segments of a tiny bit of info thats nit up to date

Like math is not gonna change much, but other industries do quite rapidly


We are teaching kids what they will need and encode it into kids shows, so its easier for me to use the kids show as the starting point, and then go look what the most recent update on that is, preferably in something like math bc its quite timeless

Like kids shows are the psychologycal manipulation a adult would never agree to

Spoon fed patterns, repeated over and over till the pattern is deeply trained into you

Stupid enough to make your mind turn off and not defend, but engaging enough to keep your attention, while training stuff into you in the background

Easy melodies and songs you will remember about what you are supposed to be programmed with

I am tired

I did some interesting stuff today

Lets see how tomorrow goes ^~^

I will do the descriptions for the products and prepare everything to make uploading comfy, like they are already sorted into blocks, so i can do a block, take a break, do something else, and do the next package of uploading

I would like to have someone to send stuff out for me, but i think i had enough trying to use ppl to do stuff, i will stick to machines again^~^

I can do a risk analysis of my to do list, get the most important stuff done and then refactor my code to advanced fortune telling

Goodnight ^~^