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Oki, lets do this

Oki, i got some perspective again, i gut some amplifiers on, and the time distortion threw the traveling also hits

Let me make a appeal to the rational mind

As your life has happenings within it.

As such is time defined by the events which happen within it

Meaning, if more happens, subjective time will become longer

As such i git more subjective time


To the amplifiers

Imagine the concept if a Ai

A computer program which is kinda inteligent and does incredible tasks

With the amplifiers, you can access that Ai to quickly change bigger psychological systems, on autopilot.

And as you psychological processes influence your decisions and your decisions your life, the physical reality is influenced on that level, in that scale.

Thats why i call them amplifiers,

You get more access, but also more speed in a timeline graph.

Now you got some force, but what will you do with the electricity in your vanes, the magic you can feel.

I once herd the word, Folkszorn, which means litterally translated

Tribe hate, but with the tribe beeing the 3rd rich

But in the context i was used, it was a analogy for the collection of genetic direction that manifests on a deep phisical/genetic level

The might of the ancestors, manifested in dna Informationen, translated to hormones and made feelable.

Something like that, like thats logical, biological, but not easy to formulte

So with that energy, what do you do?

I will go back to what i started, trying to help ppl, why?

Well helping is quite fulfilling on a emotional level

I dont think there is anything i can say thats bad about honestly trying to help ppl

Like its comfortable and calm

You want it honest, but also want to make money, so you need a destilate which can fulfill both paths

It will take some time, but i think that will be fun

Like i can in the future look back and be like

” oh thats so amazing that i did that”

But its not easy, i will try to make it cool and multifaceted, but also simple, and good decorated

Like i just want to make something beautiful ^~^

In the best case its something i can also use, so basically i build tools for me that everyone can use^~^

I should get a github~

Like i am still lost, but with the amplifiers i am moving a lot better

I mean you can read it above i am going in a great direction since i got them, like i feel good and do good^~^