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So where did i leave

The affiliate program is another avenue of marketing, but i need more high ticket items for that

I got the tool to print millions of low ticket items

Adding physical products will rise that

Still i would like really high ticket items, i can also produce at that scale

But thats all fronted stuff, i am still in a backend phase

So i solve the thing with the ai limitations

It will probably be easier to do all that, if i can just let the ai do it for me

So what do i actually need it to do

These will be modules

Find hight ticket items based on parameters, that will be scraping, i probably need to get my custom browser and webscraper running for that

While at it, i can also implement the woo sales date i already get from the store

It needs to analise target markets for me

Based on products, and it needs to find products with specific parameters,

Basically high ticket products under value, i can mass produce

And other stuff~

I can add mosules as i go, for now ai stiff again^~^