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This ego thing is still not right, so i need a horus key, that will be expensive without drugs.. Actually let me look

I can probably use thoth, i dont think i need that much access, this will probably work well with this website beeing a temple of anubis in which i do alchemy, meaning thoth~hermes

Like if you read the emerald tablets and the corpus hermeticum, that connection will be pretty clear

I will need to work out the details, but that looks like a ritual to me^~^

Now i need to get everything ready, i will not sacrifice my plushy! I love her too much💕 like it should be something you really value, i will probably use a part of myself

This will require some preparation and planning to get this right without drug help, i may have to meditate, to find the right stream of reality to Attatch it to

So basically, i am using the streams in reality as a laser to do psychological surgery

Is that scientific? No defenetly not

You know the idea with the door and the string and the loose tooth, we dont want that

I am basically.. Ugh thats so hard to describe if you cant see it visually ~

Imagine a pipe, like a snake, that is a stream of pure energy of reality moving threw a e dimensional space

Now imagine the whole room filled with those and all of them interacting

Now i use the pull of one of these streams to take with it the parts i want to remove, if i grind to deep, i will loose more, if i grind not enough, it will leave bad residues

To make it hard, ever stream has a different “speed” so you need one that matches what you are doing

This is really hard to explore without seeng it, also thats in color and multidimensional

So you need to align yourself in the right state and then carry out the ritual in a good manner

U see what i am dealing with here?

Like i know logic exists, but these things are sooo far out of logic, and completely not understandable if you dont see them visually, i dont even bother talking about their existence, i just keep to the symbols and go that deep

Like such a stream is like a certain timeframe with a certain thing happening

But time is different there, you getting milk yesterday is next to your grand grand mother dying, like its multi dimensional

And its not a clear category of a thing, but a gradient

And the it also kinda has a quantum physical uncertainty where it is and is not, so making it concrete makes it blurry

However enough of what no one will understand, i will probably do some preparations